Thursday, March 26, 2009

West Memphis 3

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves!
If this kind of insanity is allowed to happen in America, then no American is really safe. To do nothing is to submit to this horrific slander of truth and basically join in with the perpetrators.
By -Henry Rollins

This case is very special to me. These boys, now men, were convicted basically because they were "weird". They wore black, listened to heavy metal and read odd books. Now, that pretty much sums me up when I was a kid. I could not believe that West Memphis actually convicted these boys with nothing more than a man who claimed to be an expert on the occult (which by the way, the degree he received was from a Correspondence school) and no, I repeat NO EVIDENCE. So these kids wore black and were weird, that's basically half the population of Los Angeles, CA where I am from. Evidently, wearing those clothes and listening to whatever music you want is enough to get you convicted of murder in West Memphis! If this "Witch hunt" can happen in our modern society, then neither you or I are safe and free. You can't let something like this happen on your watch and call yourself free!
Please go to WM3.Org for more information.

I just felt what happened to those kids could happen to anybody I know or even myself , wearing the wrong clothes, listening to the wrong music, having the wrong books in your collection, and most importantly, living in the wrong community. I feel like if that case had come up in Seattle where I live, those kids would never have been in jail. But they live in a small community where they wanted that case closed, they wanted some culprits, and they wanted them fast and these kids were a scapegoat.
By -Eddie Daly/Spaghetti

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  1. It's sad though how sheep like people can be. I was watching a bit of a doc about jonestown, where all those, ?? what word can I use to best describe the intensity of feeling I have??? sick fucks about doesn't it, and they all allowed 100% to become drones because none of them had any connection to their own centre. Witch hunts and cults happen when fear and loss of hope prevail.