Friday, December 17, 2010

Be Good Or Krampus Will Get You

Happy Holidays from Krampus and St. Nick! 
Krampus is the dark counterpart of Saint Nicholas. St. Nicholas rewards good kids with gifts and treats; and never punishes naughty children, parceling out this task to a ghastly helper from below. Krampus, is unmistakably darker; he often appears as a traditional red devil with cloven hoof and goatish horns, although he can also be spotted as an old bearded wild-man or a huge hairy beast. He comes to punish the naughty children, and is often depicted carrying them in chains or in a basket to a fiery place below.

Santa's all well and good, but darker things lurk in the woods. Krampus brings switches and bad dreams to the misbehaving children, threatening more than just a lump of coal....
Although its distant pagan origins are mostly repressed, Christmas gift-giving and its folklore and customs still embody the pre-Christian European winter solstice tradition. In the dark recesses of our cultural consciousness, the link between the Goat-horned Devil and Saint Nick is clear. If we are naughty,the potent holiday devil archetype who rules over this age-old festival season will come

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Upcycled Rice Bag

Made by me with an upcycled rice bag, tote and fabric 
Signed by me

Hand stitched!