Thursday, August 5, 2010

Words of Wisdom From a Mad Man

I say just simply this:
Heal the mind.
And then work for the air, the trees, the water and the animals.

And the people? Tough. If you want to live in my world, come and go through what I went through to live in my world. You don't just come get in my world. You have to do something to earn my world. I wouldn't let a lot of those people in my world if I had the say so about it. I don't have to destroy them, all I have to do is just say no. I don't want that in my world.

I don't want that confusion in my world.
You don't have to let those people in your mind.
You let the people in your mind that are helping your mind. And your mind is the only mind.
You are the mind. You are the earth, you are the air, the trees, you are the animals, you are everything. You are the child of god. That's the truth. Period.