Monday, November 22, 2010

The Truth Won't Save You Now

Oh, Mrs. O....
You really have a way with words...
The truth won't save you now
oh oh oh
The sky is falling down
oh oh oh
Watch the vultures count the hours
April trains May bring strange showers
Oh Mrs. O,
We all know
the world is really all in Love!
and Oh Mrs O
Will you leave us hanging now that we are grown up and old?

Will you kill me if I say "I told you so"
We All Know
There's No Winter and
No Santa Claus

And Yes Virginia
All because
The Truth Won't Save You Now
oh oh oh
The sky is falling down
oh oh oh
Everything they ever told us
Shakes our Faith and
Breaks their promise
But you can stop the truth from leaking
If you never stop believing......


  1. Lyrics from Mrs. O by the Dresden Dolls, images are of the Dresden Dolls :)

  2. Who are the Dresden Dolls? And did you take the photos? What about the Santa tomb stone?

    I dig it. It's true..everything exists if we believe it does.:) How are things, btw?

  3. The Dresden Dolls are one of my favorite bands, the images are from their site. The santa tombstone I found doing an image search and I was suprised to see it so it had to go up. Things are ok here on this end, just working on some art that will go up soon :) How are you my sweetness?