Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First Collaboration

Wendie and Jesse Collaboration
My Pal Jesse sent me this mask as a blank canvas and I have finally painted it. It still needs a little touching up but I wanted to share it with you all.
Painted on the mask is the Mexica symbol Olin or Movement. The two colors, one light one dark, are important as Olin combines the humanity of the Sun and the movement of the Earth.


  1. this is great. collaborations are my favorite. i have a sweet older gentleman in my friendship whose dying of pancreatic cancer and he collaborated on a piece with me and i think its my favorite. I took a pic and he created something from it... he said it inspired him. im not so good at creating from ohters art so my friends way of doing it suited me well...sigh.

  2. Thanks WhoisAnn! It was a pleasure to work with someone and I'm so glad that this little venture turned out so well...And we all play to our strengths, you should take some shots of your friends work, then you can get creative with the picture :)

  3. Yeah i do that too. Its why i ask people to send me images and release them to me to do with as i wish. have done this many times. its nice isnt it to play with others art.

  4. Beautiful! They look really incredible. At first, I wasn't sure what culture they were representative of, that just shows that beauty can span everything,but I can certainly see the Aztec images.( I am right in saying Azteca, no?

  5. Traveller:
    Yes you are right, the Mexica is the other name for Aztec. Congrats my smart friend :)

  6. WhoisAnn,
    Yes it is fun! I need to send Jesse something I begin for him to finish too, but I have some cool shots that would be fun to make art with too. :)

  7. ummmm i like free pics of art too... hint hint... :)
    though you may not like the outcome so much... i dont emotionally censor my work.

  8. WhoisAnn,
    Giggle, ok I'll be sure to get some images to send your way :) Besides, censorship sucks!

  9. Hi,

    thanks for posting this amazing design, you are so in touch with the spiritual and the conceptual motivation behind this colloborative art product....

    As you know, I have used the Greca in my masks, and I am just grateful that you continued the tradition. I donated two of these as I have told you to a former Chicano Studies Professor and good friend. He ended up changing his syllubus in his classes to incorporate art and design into those interdiscipinary cultural studies. How perfect is that? I was honored when he stated that it was I and my art which inspired that change....

    My favorites of course have been: Cocijo the representation of the Zapotec deity of rain and thunder. The Azteca deity is named Tlaloc, and his distinguishing feature is forever the google eyed deity found in many indigenous pottery, glyphs, and hard stucco designs on their piramides....


  10. I love Tlaloc, the rain deity. Funny I've been thinking of something I can paint that would involve him. I guess great minds like ours think alike! I'm soooo glad you liked the mask too, I knew you'd love the theme we've continued in. Now I have to send you something to add too :)