Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mr Postman Brought me Peace

I received this beauty in the post late last night when I got home. Sal didn't tell me it had come as he wanted it to be a suprise. I was so happy, like a kid on her Bday I opened it right up :)

It's a token of gratitude from the Amazing Jennfier Float! (you big sweetheart you!) Just for me being me and us being pals and keeping in touch. It as so sweet and truely made my day especially since I just had my wisdom teeth pulled (I know 30 is late for that ok?).
Look at that great detail of music notes! for more. Well I've had an idea breawing in my little witches head for some time about a piece for Miss Jen and I think I will begin work on it right  away. I was trying to finish the piece I am currently on, but you can't fight the muse when the muse is pulling you one way!


  1. yeah! so glad you finally got it! Snail Mail for sure!
    feel better! I didn't know you had the teeth done! OUCH!

  2. Hi Wendie,

    congrats on the art piece and the venture I think those kinds of projects are very important and cool. Perhaps you an I could work on an art project together?

    I have a pink and happy award for you on my blog, and a tag so please come an click over....