Monday, August 10, 2009

Sharon Tate Revisted

Rest In Peace
Sharon Marie Tate
A True Beauty
January 24, 1943- August 9, 1969
Thy End is Truth And Beauty's Doom and Date...Shakespeare

If you have followed my blog, you might remember my earlier post of Sharon Tate. (If not, check out my blog history and read the post if you so choose) I thought that I would pay my respects to her yet again on the 40th anniversary of her passing.
As Truth And Beauty Shall Together Thrive Forever In You
And You Shall Thrive In Our Hearts Forever

She was so beautiful, I really do not know what I could add to what I have previously said about her. There is such a "freshness" to her. I never really understood how someone could look "fresh" until I saw Sharon's pictures.

To Quote Bob Dylan "Your Breath Is Sweet As Wheat, Your Eyes Are Like Two Jewels In The Sky. Your Back Is Straight, Your Hair Is Smooth On The Pillow Where You Lie

This is how I remember you, Sharon, when I think of you, I think of your elegance.

The Original Malibu Barbie

Now Boast Thee, Death

In Thy Possession Lies


I took the shots of Sharon's final resting place at Holy Cross Cemetery.
PS. A bit of synchronicity, this is the 69th post on my blog, the same year Sharon was taken from us.

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