Monday, February 9, 2009

A Great Man in My Life

Oh Hank! Where would I be without you? This man is the most honest and therefore the most beautiful person I have ever encountered. I love to read his work. SOmetimes when I'm driving by all the industrial buildings and oil refinaries that dot the San Pedro landscape I feel like he did in that it is beautiful in it's own way. The beauty of the Concret Jungle...Hank was so right with so much he said. I'll leave you all with some of his words
People are not good to each other
I suppose they never will be
I don't ask them to be.
but sometimes I think about it.....
People are not good to each other.
perhaps if they were
our deaths would not be so sad


  1. I have been trying to find his grave for so long, without asking for directions at the gate.

  2. What an tragic, selfish, lazy, ass hank was. He made a dollar off of sorrow like some many pitiful losers before him. Woo is the world and woo is me for having to witness it. I hate it so much, I think I'll stay and make some money off of it while I drink my lazy ass to the grave....

  3. Johnny, just because life is all sunshine and light for you doesn't mean that it is that way for all of us. Maybe we like to wallow in the TRUTH of life than what we would want it to be. Hank just did whatever brought him closer to the reality of life....Not the life you think you can have or want but the one you actually have!

  4. thanks Wendie. I came across Bukowski in the Army. A guy that I played chess with suggested it and I picked up "Hot Water Music", and was in love. Anyone who doesn't see the connection between Bukowski and the masters like Hemingway, just has no taste and is 'Disnefied' as Hank would say.