Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fay Wray

I took this shot on at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. When I think of Hollywood, I still think of the old glamor days of the past. Those days, like the stars of that era, were dead and gone or withering and fading when I was a kid. I think it is my old soul and perhaps my grandfather (who always had me watch old flicks with him) that keeps me so fascinated with the era . Perhaps that is why my idea of great makeup is red lips, lots of black liner and a powered face. I reminisce of the women that represent old Hollywood and I remember Fay. The beautiful Fay Wray is perhaps the embodiment of the glamor, the beauty and the image that is synonymous with Hollywood in my mind. I left her the yellow rose as a thank you of sorts and a small token that she is still lives...in her films and her pictures and the minds of those she entranced.

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