Monday, January 17, 2011

Art Bazaar

I attended my first art bazaar in Riverside, California this past Sunday. Here are some pictures of my table. I actually sold 2 pieces!!
Below is a shot of my little helper, my niece Naomi. She really believes in me and told someone that one of my art pieces was $2000.00! 


  1. How cute is your niece! And why shouldn't one of your pieces sell for $2000! Also, I love the top photo, all your beautiful art , which looks amazing :)( I dig the guy quietly tucked into the corner :) Nicely done and yay again on the sales.

  2. $2000- charming and yes - why not worthy?

  3. @ WhoisAnn, Thank you, it was lots of fun
    @Traveller, she is too cute, I'm so glad you like the art and maybe one day I will sell a $2000.00 piece
    @Walk in the Woods Someday I will sell a $2000.00 piece :) Hopefully, then I will feel like Andy Warhol

  4. We have to believe in our art. There's a song with a quote I used to think was by Nice'n Smooth, but now I can't remember, it goes " If I don't big myself up, then who the hell will?"

    So, just put your prices high, don't have any doubts and good things will come to you, cuz your art is beautiful.

    Andy wasn't doing anything beautiful, he just knew how to work the media, and therefore got heaps of attention.