Friday, October 1, 2010

To My Friend, I Hope You Know Who You Are

As You Have Done For Me
So strong, your calm face
Tears behind your smile
They fall silently
when I am not around to see
not there to empathize
How can I be consoled
when I so want to console? 
So strong, you're so calm
always knowing what to say
or when just to be.
Let me be there for you
to understand
instead of being understood
So strong, the strength you have
it amazes me
Never a trace of cruelty
Always so giving of your soul
I wish I could be that strong
to keep your sorrow
at bay with my
tempest weary candle
Take that from me,
Give me that at least.
When you smile,
Your eyes spill light
all over me
I'm sorry mine was never bright enough
to keep or help you out of the dark
As yours has always done for me


  1. wendie!! I want to see what you have been up to! When are you coming back out?

  2. beautiful post

    sending you hugs of love, comfort, and peace


  3. Hi,

    I love the passion in your writing, it makes
    me feel very special being your friend and having the honor to be here with you.


  4. Wow, this brought tears to my have such a gift!! I wish I could put my feelings and emotions into words as you have, it is beautiful, and from the heart. Any friend of yours is truly blessed, I'm sure! Thank you for your visits to my little blog, and for your sweet comments... too bad we aren't neighbors :) Peace & Love

  5. Hi:) I've been uninspired lately so I haven't been blogging. Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a message:) Nice to hear from ya, how are you?!