Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art Squared Entries

Day of the Dead Alter Piece
I LOVE the Day of the Dead and it comes through in some of my work. I decided to do an entire piece dedicated to the DotD for the Art Squared Show I entered. This show is taking place at the:
 The Market at Serendip
36 N. Liberty St. Powell, Ohio 43065
Contact us at: 614.358.2784
A little more info on this piece, besides the Sugar Skull, starting at the upper left hand cornor, is the Mexica symbol for flower or "Xochitl", on the upper right hand cornor is the Virgen of Guadalupe and patron saint of Mexico, the lower right hand cornor hold the Mexica symbol for movement or "Olin" and finally on the lower left hand cornor is the sacred heart, a symbol widely seen on mexican art. I also have scattered "Loteria" card around the piece. Loteria is a game similar to bingo but played with pictures and is traditional in Mexico. Finally I have included a poem written by the ruler poet Nezahualcoytl (Hungry Coyote) during his life in 1431-72
"I am honored, I am made glad. With sweetness my heart is filled. My soul becomes drunk. I so long for the place of the flowers."
The place of the flowers to the Mexica is something akin to Heaven.


  1. Hey congrats on the show! That's so good! Are you heading to Ohio, or just your art? I dig the day of the dead also, and your work is like a collage, I like it.

  2. Whoa!

    WAY COOL!!!!

    We are fans of DOtD here, too :)

  3. Really like this piece. It'll be a big hit in the show me thinks. Always enjoy reading anything about the Day of the Dead...and I just love the idea of people coming after me celebrating on my grave.