Thursday, November 19, 2009

Faded Memories and Beauty

When I saw you today
My heart strings yanked your memory from
the overlooked and disregarded shelf of my mind
And though it was dusty, it was still there;
All the laughter of our school days,
Like faded construction paper.
The old pictures of us,
 long yellowed with age,
The cobwebs could not hide its beauty;
or the scent that enveloped me
 the way your hugs used to
Smelling like the ocean and sprinkled with sand.
It all made me wish I could go back,
Every time I have failed to stop myself from glancing behind,
You have been there.
Though now we both no longer feel the same inside
and whatever feelings we had for each other
have long since died
You have your new life and friends now
As I have mine
I know we can never go home again,
You will always have that place in my mind
On the shelf filled with
Faded Memories and Beauty

Work in progress:
By Me


  1. Hmmm.

    This makes me think we have another something in common, dear Wendie.

    If we ever meet in person or chat by phone, remind me to tell you my 'story' of long-ago love lost.


  2. Thank you Lisa, we are kindred spirits :)