Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pray For Us Sinners

Queen of Los Angeles
Hail Mary,
Pray for us sinners,
Now and at the hour of our Death I love this shot! It seems to just depict Los Angeles perfectly for me. The palm trees, the history, the Catholic influence. Perhaps the reason the image calls to be is that reminds me of my childhood. I attended a private Catholic School and we always celebrated Mary as the "Queen of the Angles". The phrasing was perfect with this image, Queen of Los Angeles.
Her face appears so serene. I must admit that depictions of Mary were always my favorite of all the religious works I was forced to endure. And I will also say this, the true meaning behind the Rosary was to meditate (much like Buddhist) and be at peace , so I did enjoy that also.
Do you suppose she's looking at me thinking "Why do you always say you used to be Catholic?"


  1. Having been raised a Southern Baptist, I never really *got* the Mary thing.

    Now that I've grown out of adhering to any particular religious tradition ~ and discovered my feminist self ~ Mary has taken on new power, meaning, and symbolism for me.

  2. Well I'm convinced that the reason Mary is or was reveared at the start of Christianity is because she is a tie to the Sacred Feminine that pagens worshipped. Giving them something similar to help convert them. There are so many parallels with not only Mary,but the whole Catholic religion and pagenism. Sad that we still can't just let each other be.